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GENERAL WILLIAM H. TUNNER AND THE BERLIN AIRLIFT articles Lieutenant General William H. Tunner without any assistance upset military vehicle tasks of the United States Air Force. His spread over thirty years and remembered recognized assistance for World War II and His most noteworthy commitment to wartime military vehicle activities were in coordinations and mission wellbeing, just as for his critical job in re- across hostile area in Operation Mound in 1944. A local of Elizabeth, New Jersey, Tunner moved on from the United Military Academy in 1928, an appointed second lieutenant, and afterward in the Advanced Flying School at Kelly Field in Texas. (1) He started as a the Ferrying Command, which developed to turn into the Air Transport Command under initiative, and later extended to join maritime vehicle tasks as While General Tunner separated himself during wartime, he is as associated with guiding a peacetime activity to flexibly the non military personnel Berlinthen the world's fifth biggest city of 2.5 million inhabitantscompletely by air during the Berlin Airlift of 1948 concerning his gallantry in battle.(3) At the end of World War II in Europe in the Spring of 1945, Germany mutually involved by the United States, Britain and France in coalition with powers, administrated by a four-part alliance as a between time government 1. Lieutenant William H. Tunner: A Brief Biography (1997) 2. USAF Museum On-line. (1998) General William H. Tunner. 3. Lieutenant William H. Tunner: A Brief Biography (1997) post-war remaking of Germany. Strains between the three Western what's more, the Soviets emerged as a component of rising contrasts in their for post-war Germany, coming full circle in 1948, when Stalin totally cut off what's more, power to Berlin, guaranteeing they were because of specialized issues. June 24th, Soviet powers remove all Western access to the city of Berlin, heart of the Sov... <!

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Stakeholder Analysis The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA)

List of chapters Abstract Introduction Identification of Stakeholders Perspectives of Stakeholders Principles of Stakeholder Management Conclusion References Abstract The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) is the biggest vitality organization in the MENA district which strategic to give the water desalination and the force age alongside the gas and oil investigation inside the locale. The company’s partner the board can be talked about with references to Freeman’s Stakeholder Theory which centers around the job of partners in the organisation’s development.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Stakeholder Analysis: The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is important to focus on TAQA’s essential partners who are investors and clients and on the nearby networks as the company’s noteworthy auxiliary partner. These partners are related with various stakeholders’ v iewpoints. The relations among chiefs and partners are controlled by standards of partner the board. The reason for the report is to break down the partners of TAQA according to Freeman’s Stakeholder Theory. Presentation The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) is the biggest organization inside the vitality business in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) district which was established in 2005. The organization is constrained by the administration which claims over 72% of TAQA. The organization has practical experience in power age and water desalination. Accordingly, the company’s essential capacities and tasks are the oil and gas investigation and their further creation (TAQA, 2012). It is important to concentrate on inspecting the organization according to its partners. To give the partner examination, it is imperative to allude to Freeman’s Stakeholder Theory as indicated by which the organization can be inspected as the gathering of partners which i s impacted and can influence the outside members or partners. Starting here, a partner is the individual or a gathering which can be engaged with the procedure of the company’s improvement and be influenced by this procedure that is the reason the association should arrange in its advancement to the stakeholders’ interests (Mellahi, Morrell, Wood, 2010). Subsequently, the motivation behind the report is to decide and investigate the partners of the Abu Dhabi National Energy Company corresponding to Freeman’s Stakeholder Theory and with references to their points of view and standards of partner the board. ID of Stakeholders Being the biggest â€Å"owner of intensity age and water desalination resources in the United Arab Emirates†, TAQA’s progress relies upon numerous partners who can add to the company’s advancement or be impacted by the organisation’s systems (TAQA, 2012). TAQA works not just in the MENA area, the organization addit ionally has the created association with the organizations in the North America and Europe. It is conceivable to decide ten significant partners whose job is noteworthy for the company’s improvement: Shareholders Employees Customers Business accomplices Suppliers and merchants Local people group Research organizations Competitors (the other powerful vitality organizations inside the business) Financiers Public specialists Stakeholders can be partitioned into essential and auxiliary ones. Essential partners are those ones who can be legitimately influenced by the company’s improvement alongside impacting the organization’s progress with their own exercises. Auxiliary partners are typically in a roundabout way associated with the company’s improvement since they are not associated with the business itself (Mellahi, Morrell, Wood, 2010).Advertising Looking for report on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Thus, two TAQA’s essential partners are not just connected with the force age and vitality industry yet in addition with the company’s exercises. It is important to break down such TAQA’s essential partners as investors and clients. The auxiliary partner for the investigation is the neighborhood networks. TAQA’s principle investor is the ADWEA (Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority) with a 51% shareholding, the Farm Owners’ Fund has a 21.1% shareholding, and 27.5% are exclusive. In this way, the circulation of shareholding is critical for the company’s being the administratively controlled however free association and the biggest vitality organization inside the district (TAQA, 2012). TAQA’s investors are essential partners since they control all the circles of the company’s advancement inside the business and corresponding to the worldwide activities. It is important to take note of that TAQA ’s clients can be investigated corresponding to the MENA locale, however the clients can be likewise recognized in such nations as the USA, the Netherlands, and Canada due to the company’s created worldwide relations (TAQA, 2012). The clients assume the significant job in TAQA’s progress in light of the fact that their needs influence the methodologies turned out to be in the organization and yearly designs for understanding the gas and oil investigation and further arrangement for the clients. The paces of the company’s development are legitimately connected with the customers’ requests that is the reason clients ought to be examined as the essential partners. Neighborhood people group are additionally influenced by TAQA’s exercises. The organization follows the rule of cooperating with the network to help to â€Å"build a feasible business that benefits everyone†, and besides, â€Å"this vow to help financial and social turn of eve nts, and ensure the earth is center to the manner in which we carry on as a business †regardless of whether as a representative, an administrator, or a nearby partner† (TAQA, 2012). In this way, the issues of the natural assurance and neighborhood work in the area can be examined with references to TAQA. Notwithstanding, neighborhood networks are just the optional partners since they are outer and have no direct monetary relations with the company.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Stakeholder Analysis: The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Perspectives of Stakeholders It is imperative to focus on three viewpoints of partners. These points of view are the graphic, instrumental, and standardizing ones. As per Freeman, the distinct point of view is the direction to the real jobs and capacities performed by partners and the company’s chiefs corresponding to partners. The articulations are m ade on the reaction to the stakeholders’ interests (Mellahi, Morrell, Wood, 2010). Starting here, the engaging point of view is described for investors as the fundamental partners. The company’s technique and the managers’ activities legitimately rely upon the shareholders’ enthusiasm for the company’s improvement. For example, the reality of TAQA’s basing on the legislature as the primary investor decides the points of view of the company’s advancement and business relations inside the business (TAQA, 2012). The instrumental viewpoint can be disclosed as the direction to the further advancement. The pronunciations are made on the managers’ activities to fulfill the stakeholders’ needs and to add to increasing more advantages later on. As indicated by the instrumental point of view, it is essential to augment the benefits and add to the company’s achievement. It is essential to focus on partners while deciding and accomplishing the objectives for the company’s vital advancement corresponding to the instrumental viewpoint (Mellahi, Morrell, Wood, 2010). That is the reason, the instrumental point of view ought to be likewise talked about with references to investors since they are the most persuasive partners among the referenced ones. For instance, TAQA fundamental investors are ADWEA (51.0%), the Financial Support Fund of the Farmers of Abu Dhabi (21.1%), hence, â€Å"both investors are 100% claimed by Abu Dhabi Government† (TAQA Global, 2012). Subsequently, it is difficult to overlook the procedures created by ADWEA for the following year while building up the vital arrangement for TAQA, and the exercises of the company’s chiefs are influenced by the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision of the industry’s progress. That is the reason, the interests of TAQA’s investors become significant from the purpose of the instrumental point of view. The regularizing po int of view relies upon the clear moral standards in relations between the directors and partners. In this manner, diverse moral, philosophical, and moral perspectives are likewise significant for directing the relations between the supervisors and partners since following the moral standards, it is conceivable to construct the agreeable and positive relations which bring about some positive effects.Advertising Searching for report on business financial aspects? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Despite what might be expected, the obliviousness of the moral viewpoints can prompt the challenges in building the organization and different sorts of relations inside the business and in different circles. As per the standardizing idea, the organization has positive duties corresponding to its partners (Mellahi, Morrell, Wood, 2010). That is the reason, the regularizing point of view is straightforwardly connected with clients as essential partners and by implication associated with neighborhood networks as auxiliary partners. It is essential to concentrate on the

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Free Essays on Faust - Evil

â€Å"Evil Grows From Simple Desires† Fiendish is an ambiguous subject, it can comprise of numerous things, a person’s activity, a person’s perspective, a mentality, a believing, a sense, it could be anything truly. Yet, what could cause a thing of this size? Numerous things, one of which that has an extraordinary job in doing so is want. Want can develop into abhorrent inconspicuously, so unobtrusively that it can happen without the person’s information. An individual, who wants something, as a rule will attempt to acquire what it is that they want. In the event that that individual is denied that thing, they may step by step look towards insidiousness to get it. This is the situation with numerous individuals. For the most part in individuals who are feeble disapproved, or have absence of confidence and self control. There are numerous instances of this force in today’s society, in writing new and old, and in our regular activities. In today’s society, you hear stories in the news that may appear to be abhorrent. Also, some that give a solid sentiment of sicken. A significant number of the activities that incited those solid emotions get from a straightforward want that may have been denied from that individual. For example in the no so distant past, a young lady was abducted in the town of Lancaster. She was then assaulted, and left for dead. The individual who carried out this ghastly wrongdoing was most likely precluded the experience from securing love, and sexual joy at once, and sooner or later, the sentiments, of dismissal, and forswearing developed, and lead the individual to malicious. What's more, since this individual had a frail psyche it drove the individual accept that what he had done wasn’t wrong, and that it was the main way he could accomplish what he needed. Another case of this abhorrent want, is in the nation of is Israel and Palestine. Palestine, want its property back, that h ad been removing quite a while prior. At the point when they were over and over denied their property back, they depended on attempting to take it back with minor dangers, and assaults, when that didn’t work, they began violently assaulting to the fact of the matter were ... Free Essays on Faust - Evil Free Essays on Faust - Evil â€Å"Evil Grows From Simple Desires† Insidious is an exceptionally dubious point, it can comprise of numerous things, a person’s activity, a person’s perspective, a disposition, a believing, a sense, it could be anything truly. Be that as it may, what could cause a thing of this greatness? Numerous things, one of which that has an incredible job in doing so is want. Want can develop into abhorrent quietly, so unpretentiously that it can happen without the person’s information. An individual, who wants something, generally will attempt to get what it is that they want. In the event that that individual is denied that thing, they may step by step look towards underhandedness to get it. This is the situation with numerous individuals. Generally in individuals who are frail disapproved, or have absence of confidence and self discipline. There are numerous instances of this force in today’s society, in writing new and old, and in our ordinary activities. In today’s society, you hear stories in the news that may appear to be malevolent. What's more, some that give a solid sentiment of disturb. A significant number of the activities that incited those solid sentiments get from a straightforward want that may have been denied from that individual. For example not very far in the past, a young lady was seized in the town of Lancaster. She was then assaulted, and left for dead. The individual who carried out this repulsive wrongdoing was most likely precluded the experience from claiming love, and sexual delight at once, and sooner or later, the sentiments, of dismissal, and disavowal developed, and lead the individual to abhorrent. Also, in light of the fact that this individual had a powerless brain it drove the individual accept that what he had done wasn’t wrong, and that it was the main way he could accomplish what he needed. Another case of this abhorrent want, is in the nation of is Israel and Palestine. Palestine, wa nt its property back, that had been removing quite a while prior. At the point when they were over and again denied their territory back, they turned to attempting to take it back with minor dangers, and assaults, when that didn’t work, they began violently assaulting to the fact of the matter were ...

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The True Cause Of The American Civil War State Rights Or Slavery - 550 Words

The True Cause Of The American Civil War: State Rights Or Slavery? (Essay Sample) Content: History: The Civil War, State Rights, and Slavery The True Cause of the Civil War: State Rights or Slavery? Name of Author Institutional Affiliation Date of Submission The True Cause of the Civil War: State Rights or Slavery? The American Civil War (1861-1865) was a bloody military conflict between the Southern and the Northern States that completely altered the country’s political, social, and economic landscapes. Following Abraham Lincoln’s triumph in the 1860 presidential election, seven lower southern states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, and Mississippi seceded from the union. Among the primary reasons for the secession and the Civil War, include the states versus Federal rights, the fight between the slave and non-slave advocates, the social and economic conflicts between the South and the North, abolition growth and the election of Abraham Lincoln. Despite the Civil War’s numerous causal factors, historians recognize slavery and states’ rights as the most dominant. However, reviewing the events preceding the war, the growing cultural and economic differences between the two regions, and the deep mistrust, and the differing philosophies on the powers of the federal and state governments, it is clear that the actual cause of the Civil War was State rights rather than slavery. The question of whether the national government had substantial powers or was merely a voluntary federation of sovereign states had long been divisive since the birth of the American Republic. The conflicting interpretation of the constitution drove the south to secede, not to save slavery, but to prevent the subversion of the rights of individual states. On November 15, 1777, the new federation adopted the first federal constitution under the articles of Confederation. The new constitution created a system in which the states had control over their affairs and kept the majority of powers. However, by 1787, leaders had realized that a weak federal government was not working. Hence, they revised the articles of Confederation and created the United States Constitution that created a strong federal government with powers and control over the states. Though the states adopted this new constitution, the Southern region still believed in giving more powers to the states. The discontent never ended, and South Carolina threatened to secede in the early 1830s. This eventually led to the secession in 1860-1861 and the formation of the Confederate States.[. Dilbeck, Daniel H. A Civil War: How the Union Waged a Just War (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2016), 34.] The move by the South to secede, in essence, aroused the nationalist sentiments of many northern states who viewed secession as the defiance of legitimate political authority and national destiny. According to Masur, even though the majority of the Northerners were anti-slavery, it was not a viable justification to go to war. The southerners, on the other hand, firmly believed in the principles of state rights and objected to a powerful federal government and the Republicans' attempt to dictate them. The Southern States also viewed the strong federal government as repressive...

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Marketing Planninb - 5737 Words

| HND Business | | Marketing Principles | | LCC20146213 | | Taslim Ahammad | | 20/03/2015 | Hyasmin Hyasmin Unit 4: Marketing Principles Task 1 1.1: Elements of the marketing process Marketing is the action of a business endorsing, promoting and selling products or services, including that of market research, surveys and advertising. It’s the method of which goods and services move from concept to the consumer. â€Å"Marketing is a human activity directed at satisfying human wants and needs† (Phillip Kotler). The marketing process involves four steps. These four steps are all accomplished with the goal of creating value for your target consumers. Some elements of the steps are performed†¦show more content†¦However Starbucks, are targeting to differentiate based on quality. They have decided to increase their product line where high quality and more costly items are presented: Starbucks is introducing coffee made using rare, luxurious coffee beans. Contrasting Costa Coffee, they are aiming to compete using a low-volume, high-margin sales method. Starbucks appears to be generating a more sustainable marketing strategy that will prove to b e more competitive in longer term. Competitors taking chance to reduce the price, announcing a competitor product, persistent growth of production to improve the market share. Starbucks substantial invention their products which also competitors will gradually keep up with. It is very difficult for Starbucks as a competitor to keep the fixed cost against the inconstant cost. The importance of customer satisfaction, customer care and relationship marketing; It is essential that the customer requirements are being met with suitable products and services, so than the customer will be satisfied and more likely to return so then the business is expected to survive longer and make more profits. Starbucks provides a homely environment and luxurious and personalised products, as well as the loyalty and rewards bonuses for their regular consumers, so they are already trying to fulfil and exceed customer expectations. Customer care or service is most essential in any

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Remember The Titans The World Needed Change - 2278 Words

Remember the Titans Joshua Pepin Saginaw Valley State University The world needed change. The merger of the all white and the all black school was going to come together to create T.C. Williams High School. Nonetheless the parents, students, faculty, or even just members of the town weren’t even a little bit happy with this merger, but the desegregation of the schools was the state of Virginia’s idea to show that change was coming. Remember the Titans (2000) is a sports/drama movie released in September of 2000 that is all about the aspects of what it means to overcome racism and fight for what is right. As football practice came around and all the white and black players were introduced by calling out name and position the disgust within the room of the opposite race was definitely clear. To add to the tension in the room there was a major surprise when the white schools legendary coach, Bill Yoast, was going to be the assistant to a black coach, Herman Boone. In the beginning of the football season, the team is taken to football ca mp for a few weeks. There they bonded and learned to play as a team, although most of the whites still had bad vibes about playing alongside their black counterparts on the team. As the season went on, the team faced all sorts of diversity, and many different obstacles that all the other teams they played didn’t have to go through. Game after game they had to withstand name-calling, booing of the opposing crowd, and evenShow MoreRelatedThe Diversity Management Core Competencies Essay2145 Words   |  9 Pageschose leadership because my supervisor at work is a great leader and she is constantly leading by example, so I can relate to it personally and it is something I really respect and appreciate. The racism that is present throughout the movie Remember the Titans, along with the poor leadership of both the head coach and assistant coach at the beginning of the movie, has definitely affected my views regarding the role of a leader. Not only the poor leadership, but the great leadership by the coachesRead MoreRemember the Titans2312 Words   |  10 PagesVelez Elizabeth Hughes Paul Way EDUC 268 Remember the Titans - Five Step Analysis Plot Summary In April of 1971, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that ended all stateimposed segregation in public schools. This was the same year that T. C. Williams High School located in Alexander Virginia was integrated. This is the setting for the movie Remember the Titans, staring Denzel Washington who portrays Herman Boone the head coach of the Titans. Herman Boone is brought in as an assistantRead MoreRemember The Titans : A True Story2359 Words   |  10 Pagestimes they are made based on incorrect information. However, all these judgments are a usual occurrence in life; everyone makes judgments, including racist attributions. The film, Remember the Titans depicted two races, separated by racism, come together, transform, and become mulitculturally competent. Remember the Titans was based on a true story. In 1971, a court order forced three high schools in Alexandria, Virginia—two white schools and one African-American school—to integrate their studentsRead MoreAmerican Sport Movies Dealing with Racism6989 Words   |  28 Pages1. American Sport Movies There are few countries in the world in which sports permeate national life to the degree that it does in the United States. Sports are a big part of the fabric of American life. The centrality of sports in American life is amply reflected in the American cinema. For decades movie makers have successfully mined sports to produce some of the most inspiring, poignant, exciting and memorable American movies ever made. The genre of ‘Sport Movies’ established in the FiftiesRead MoreRemeber the Titans1769 Words   |  8 Pages‘Remember the Titans’ Leadership in Organizations 12th December of 2013 Miguel Nogueira Rodrigues 150110034 Remember the Titans is a film that tells the story about a period of history in the United States, when the differences between black and white people were much assumed. The black people wanted to feel respected and not discriminated by the whites, and because of that they wanted the same rights as the others. In this story, for the first time, all people could attend the same highRead MoreSteve Jobs and His Apple Essay example1122 Words   |  5 Pagesin the world. It was Steve Jobs who made Apple leave the garage and make leaps and bounds in the world of technology. Steve Wozniak made the first prototype, but it was Jobs who â€Å"saw the potential† in his computer and persuaded Wozniak to sell it (Peterson 106). Even though that first computer saw very little success, Jobs knew that Apple had potential and so released the Apple II. From the beginning Jobs knew what the consumers wanted, and where computers were going to take the world; he hadRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie The Play By Bill Yoast s Young Daughter Sheryl 1753 Words   |  8 Pagesneighborhood. With the issues of desegregation flying around he must overcome the racism as well as winning over his new team and leading them to victory. Remember the Titans has many very important main characters yet the four I would like to go in grave detail about are the Head Coach Herman Boone, Assistant Coach Bill Yoast, Titans team captain Gary Bertier (and unofficial rallier of the white football players), and Julius Campbell (the unofficial leader of the black athletes.) Coach BooneRead MoreDiscovering Time For Practice Can Be Troublesome And Debilitating970 Words   |  4 Pagessolid for yourself, you world will open up and you will feel all the more tuned in to your environment. Picking a sufficient way of life keeps you on your toes and prepared for the day ahead, you will turn out to be more mindful of life and your activities, verifying you re sound. Presently you should do nothing more than locate the right approach to this, fortunately for you there are projects devoted to individuals to carry on with the proactive life they have constantly needed. Your eating routineRead MoreThe Civil War Of The United States1456 Words   |  6 Pagesrefineries grew to be one of the leading dominators of the economic world. The â€Å"Titans of industry† who owned theses industries became one of the key players of the times and had become the biggest Darwinist of the time. Herbert spencer and William Graham were the leaders of the Darwinist and believed that they were the superior class. With this tittle they had a hand in all the things that happened through the industrial world. Even though these businesses arose people still went through hardshipsRead MoreProject on Titan9221 Words   |  37 Pages We are also grateful to MS. NARISHIMA – TITAN REGIONAL OFFICE and Mr. SURESH MAHBOOBANI, Proprietor â€Å"THE WORLD OF TITAN† – USMAN ROAD for their valuable inputs which helped enrich this project. AN INTRODUCTION Remember when the only Indian wristwatch brand you could buy came in a clutch of clunky models, one more ordinary than the other, when the craze for an `imported watch’ never seemed to wane? That was before the time of Titan, a name which changed forever the way watches

The Cap and Bells and Love Song free essay sample

Each of the poems, however, present love in very different ways. Where Alan Dugan displays his view on marital love in an unromantic manner within his poem Love song: I and Thou, Yeats The Cap and Bells differs by showing the readers a view on a romantic or obsessive love which is unlikely to be requited, due to the difference in social rank in their society. William Butler Yeats The Cap and Bells depicts the behaviour of love through an account of actions between a jester and a Queen. Through the use of many symbolic references, the characters reflect a lovers actions to his loved one. His use of a jester in love shows us that Yeats is portraying the actions of humans in love as foolish. Through this song-like ballad, the reader strongly feels the growing despondency of the jester and the eventual affection of the queen. Yeats uses a strong use of symbolism to suggest that love makes a fool out of every man. From forfeiting the soul, the heart and finally his own identity, Yeats emphasises the willingness to sacrifice all the elements of existence to feel the passions of love. As Yeats opens with, The jester walked into the garden, he immediately establishes the idea of the Garden of Eden as it is the first natural place of affection between a man and a woman. Continuing we read how the jester, bade his soul rise upward. Here the man is offering his soul to the queen who is above him both physically and in social status. This could perhaps have been triggered by his obsession with the actress Maud Gonne, her being the queen to his jester. It rises in a straight blue garment, the colours symbolising his hope for his love to be reciprocated, and the sincerity of his confession of love to the queen. The owls, which represent wisdom, call a warning to him but he takes no heed of it. Yeats uses enjambment in this second stanza to give a sense of flow and acceleration to achieve the feeling of excitement. The queen, however, locks his soul outside, suggesting she is also shutting off access to herself. As Yeats uses colour symbolisation throughout The Cap and Bells, the queens pale night-gown demonstrates no emotion towards the jester at this point. Next we read how he bade his heart go to her, offering his heart as another gift to young queen. The owls called out no more, demonstrating a passage of time and their defeat in trying to warn the jester. The description of the jesters heart being a red and quivering garment, shows his love, passion and excitement. Complete with this red heart and blue soul makes up the colours of a typical jesters clothing, making up him. The queen seemingly does not even notice the singing hearts plea and wave[s] it off on the air, the alliteration of f sounds showing how delicate she is and the motion of his heart being waved away, absentmindedly rejecting his second gift. The only thing the jester now has left are his cap and bells, which represent his identity. He declares he will, send them to her and die. He sacrifices his very self for the queen, his soul, heart and life are no longer his. It can be argued that his love for her has made him a fool, not only by profession but by his own actions. The queen only now accepts and reciprocates his love and ignites her own love and passion to him, which can be shown through the change of her pale appearance to her red lips singing. The combination of sight and sound show she is allowing his love into her heart. However, under a cloud of her hair, suggests she is hiding his love. She symbolically accepts his love and the fact he is only a jester and the poem ends with a quiet, hopeful image with slight ambiguity. Alan Dugans Love song: I and Thou meaning true love, sounds like a traditional, romantic love poem and this contrasts with the content of the fierce but comic battle of the sexes. His use of plain language imitates the style of William Carlos Williams, by writing in a non-linear structure and focusing on internal thoughts and emotions, mimicking the image of real life and how real people spoke. This contrasts with The Cap and Bells, having been based on a dream and written in a typical love poem structure, as a ballad. Dugan cuts through typical sentimentality and his poem instead, is full of mockery. The speaker of the poem compares his life to a badly built house, using plain, direct and jargon language shown from the very opening, Nothing is plum, level, or square, and unpleasant similes. He realizes that he could never bring stability in his life. This is understood when he writes, ‘the joints are shaky by nature. ’ The shaky nature of the joints is similar to Dugan’s unsteady and insecure life. The words ‘by nature’ briefly imply that he thinks he had no control or ability to stabilize his life and thus free him from blame. His use of technical language throughout Love song: I and Thou could have been the result of Alan Dugans childhood, being a son of a seller of nuts and bolts. It is shown throughout the poem that, no piece fits, suggesting that nothing in life is perfect and continues to reveal how discontinuous and incomplete the speaker finds the way he has lived his life. The house seems to be badly built, almost as if it is about to fall apart and this is how Dugan feels about himself. The speaker of the poem seems to be a protagonist and compares himself to Christ in a playful and comical way. There is repetition of the word, myself, which shows that the speaker has not accepted any help and has built this faulty house by himself, and states he, got hung up in it myself. It suggests that maybe with his wifes help he wouldnt have gotten so, hung up. Dugan matter-of-factly states that he does not blame anyone except himself for all the things that have gone wrong in his life. The statement signifies that he blames himself for his current situation. Dugan uses visual imagery and a sense of energy shown by, I / danced with a purple thumb, which gives the readers a comic idea of this mans fury. The humorous energy in this poem contrasts with the soft flow in the Cap and Bells. The speaker tells us that he is, drunk / with [his] prime whiskey: rage, and through metaphors and the speakers actions, it shows us that he has a self destructive, intoxicating rage, which contrasts with the quiet ending of the poem and peaceful nature in Yeats poem. A pause from the chaotic settings brings relief to the speaker, it held. It settled plum, level, solid, square and true for that one great moment. The peace for this one great moment, however, does not last. The speaker understands that if he had worked with as much anger, conviction and desire before he might have something strong to live on today but that it is too late for him to change his faulty ways now. Dugan uses personification of the house saying that it, screamed, and skewed the other way. This gives the readers a sense of empathetic frustration towards the speaker. Alan Dugan then uses a colloquial style of writing to show how he was thinking about the return to chaos, God damned it. This is hell, as he expresses his anger further with humour and profanity. The speaker then demonstrates a stubborn and rather self centred persona to the audience by the repetition of I and his very strong statement, I / will live in it until it kills me. The speaker again compares himself to Christ by the use of the crucifixion and becoming a martyr. He finally admits he needs help and asks for a hand to nail the right,† he needs, a help, a love, a [her], a wife, showing all that she is to him and proving only she has the power to save or crucify him and suggests a belief that love is about completing the chaos and relieving the anger and finds that his wife may be the only good thing in his life. Just as the queen in The Cap and Bells portrayed as the only thing that the jester wanted in his life. The penultimate line of Love song: I and Thou shows a pun and the ending, like with The Cap and Bells has a sense of ambiguity as we do not know what happens, does she save him or help him to his end? I found that both poems work well together, when combined they showed two different sides to love. The Cap and Bells is a poem that explores the elements of love. Through feelings and corresponding actions, the jester ends up sacrificing all of himself to the queen. Although we are not exactly told what happens to the queen and the jester in the end, we conclude that his soul, heart, and cap and bells, signifying his life, are no longer his. In many ways, Yeats indicates the foolishness in such a love, for the queen would not accept the greatest sacrifices: the soul being the immortal and supreme existence of oneself, and the heart as the provider of life. Instead she fell in love when given the physical cap and bells. To me, I get the implication of love being able to blind a man from reason and only follow the obsessive compulsions that love has over them. I found that it teaches a reader that love is the strongest emotion of all, for man will do anything to feel reciprocated love. The soul, the heart, and life are the toys of love, and thus throughout The Cap and Bells Yeats depicts the compliance of man to sacrifice his complete being for the sake of the zeal of love. Love song: I and Thou is a poem about a person studying himself, and blaming himself over all the failures in his life. The tension in the poem revolves around the outcome of one’s ignorance towards their failures until it is too late to be realizing them. People are continuously building towards their future and this poem is about a man that is unhappy with the way his future turned out to be but has his wife to rely on and help him in times of nee, showing his view on marital love in a non-romantic manner.